What can I do?

So you’re concerned about the ash dieback outbreak and want to contribute to the efforts to analyse the organisms involved? That’s great! We’re more than happy to have as many people as possible to do whatever analyses and contribute whatever data they can.

Get the data
The first thing you should do is download the data, that’s held in a repository on github and described here: http://ash-dieback-crowdsource.github.com/data/

Do your thing!
Whatever your strength or particular technical expertise we’d be happy to have your results to share. So if you know how to find effector genes, or are great at finding genetic variations please, please take the data and analyse it and send us back the results.

Share the results
Once you’ve used the data in an analysis and want to send us the results just push the new files to github (as described in the github instructions http://ash-dieback-crowdsource.github.com/data/ ) and perhaps drop us an email to let us know you’ve added something.

Will I be credited with my discovery/analyses?

Yes! Everyone who sends us some data will have their contributions logged and published on this site and also on the front page of the github repository. Github tracks automatically the changes made to a project so your contribution won’t get lost. We’re very keen that everyone who contributes and gets involved will get all the credit they deserve.