Both mating types of Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus (Chalara fraxinea) are present in Ashwellthorpe lower wood

The contributors

Kentaro Yoshida and Diane Saunders at TSL.

The material

We collected 24 samples of potentially infected Ash trees from Ashwellthorpe lower wood.

The analysis

We used the PCR method of Gross et al (2012) to identify the H. pseudoalbidus MAT 1-1 (MAT1-1-3) and MAT 1-2 (MAT-1-2-1) mating types from these samples. The size of the PCR products indicated that five samples were of the MAT1-1 mating type and three were of the MAT1-2 mating type.


This confirms that both mating types are present within Ashwellthorpe lower wood.



PCR amplification of H. pseudoalbidous mating loci. AT indicates samples taken from Ashwellthorpe lower wood, KW1 is an isolate from Kenninghall wood that was previously confirmed as displaying the MAT1-1 (MAT1-1-3) mating type. ITS (internal transcribed spacer) analysis was used to confirm infection by C. fraxinea.