Putative alternative oxidase identified in Chalara fraxinea

Contributors: Benjamin May, Mary Albury, Julia Shearman, Luke Young and Tony Moore University of Sussex

Material: We used the ‘Chalara_fraxinea_ass_s1v1_ann_v1.1.protein.faa’ & ‘Chalara_fraxinea_ass_s1v1_ann_v1.1.gene.gff’ Kenninghall wood assembly data within the ash dieback crowdsource github respository here )

Analysis: NCBI ORF finder blastp search MitoProtII SWISS-MODEL

Interpretation: ORF identified

A blastp search of the amino acid code using the FASTA sequence of Trypanosomal alternative oxidase (TAO) as a template found significant alignment with an E value of 6e-62.

MitoProt II identified a putative mitochondrial targeting sequence.

SWISS-MODEL was used to model the putative C. fraxinea AOX protein using trypanosomal alternative oxidase as a template (PDB 3VV9), with a QMEAN Z-score of -5.119, which is consistent with monotopic membrane proteins.