Carbohydrate Active Enzyme Domains in Proteins

As a preliminary analysis to identify wood degrading enzymes and any potentially raised pathogenicity via increased ability to enter the tree proteins predicted in

1. Chalara fraxinea TGAC annotation 1
2. Postia placenta JGI annotation
3. Fusarium graminareum Broad annotation

were used in PFAMSCAN to identify proteins containing domains from the list below at rough cutoff E <=1e-6: (PFAM domains in carbohydrate active enzymes described in CAZY)

Counts of proteins containing each PFAM domain are shown in this figure (you may need to download to get the full version, its a big figure), Chalara proteins are represented on the outer track, Fusarium on the middle and Postia on the inner. Postia placenta is the brown rot fungus and is a capable digester of wood. The wheat pathogen Fusarium most often attacks the kernel. The carbohydrate enzyme protein domain in Chalara is much more similar to that in Postia than fusarium, indicating a potential for Chalara to be aggressively and actively entering the tree through the wood.