AT2 RNA-seq transcripts blastx-ed against eukaryotic protein database also show high fungal enrichment

The contributors

Diane Saunders at TSL

The material

We used the AT2 assembled transcripts (in the github repository at mixed_material/ashwellthorpe_AT2/assemblies/AT2_trinity_version2.fasta), which were assembled from reads generated from RNA extracted from pith material of an infected ash branch.

The analysis

We carried out blastx of these transcripts (with default settings) against our custom database of eukaryotic proteins from representative clades. A list of content for this database is available on request.

The interpretation

The blastx (output in the github repository at data/ash_dieback/mixed_material/ashwellthorpe_AT2/blast/AT2_blastx_ed/AT2_trinity_version2_blastx_ed.out) illustrates that ~15% of the assembled transcripts have top hits to sequences from fungal organisms.