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mRNAseq analysis of primordial and mature fruiting bodies of H. pseudoalbidus

The contributors

Anne Edwards (JIC), Diane Saunders (TSL), Kentaro Yoshida (TSL) and Allan Downie (JIC).

The material

Dead ash raciness collected from Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood on 10th February 2013 were incubated on moist filter paper in a controlled environment at 18oC, under 16 hr of 62.5% light and black UV. Following 10 weeks of incubation primordial fruiting bodies were observed but did not develop into mature fruiting bodies.

Mature fruiting bodies (below) found on dead ash racines in Ashwellthorpe Wood on June 2nd were collected and incubated as above. They were harvested after one week.

The analysis

RNA was extracted from a single primordial or mature fruiting body and subjected to mRNA-seq analysis. The reads were assembled into transcripts, which are available in the github repository (data/ash_dieback/h_pseudoalbidus/Primordial_fruiting_body/assemblies/RNAseq/PFB1_Trinity.fasta and data/ash_dieback/h_pseudoalbidus/Mature_fruiting_body/assemblies/RNAseq/MFB1_Trinity.fasta, respectively).